WE GRIND Apparel is a lifestyle brand created around motivated and driven individuals. We are here to motivate the unmotivated and inspire the uninspired. A t-shirt is more than just something that is worn, it truly represents what you stand for and how you carry yourself. Whatever your craft may be, we are avid supporters of what you do. In today's society, we feel as if millennials have lost connection with the work ethic and hustle that helped shape the world we live in today. We are here to keep pushing the mentality that nothing is given and everything is earned. We like to believe that our garments are utilized as a reminder to society. When an individual looks at one of our products, we want them to be reminded that you can have what you desire in life after the work is put in. Nothing is given to us. We earn our way to the top. WE GRIND.


To motivate the unmotivated inspire the uninspired. 


Justin Sugatan is the founder of WE GRIND Apparel. He has always had a creative edge and the mindset of a hustler. Prior to starting this brand, one of his major hobbies was graphic design. After freelance designing tees for others as a teen, he wanted to create something that portrayed his work ethics into clothing. In September of 2015, he founded the brand.

Today, he is big into the entrepreneurial spirit and wants you all to be able to follow him along his journey through this brand. He is currently studying at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia.